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Yearly Archives: 2013

Pregnancy and your smile

Private Dentist Medway Towns

If you are pregnant, having a baby will make you smile – eventually!

But what are the true implications of being pregnant and your oral health.

It’s true to say that most women can go through pregnancy without losing teeth.

However, there are some pitfalls, so let’s have a look at the risks:


The Daily Grind


Christmas can be a stressful time and sometimes we may all feel like clenching our teeth in the Christmas queues but what is the truth about tooth grinding?

The technical term for tooth grinding is Bruxism and it can be a habit of grinding and or clenching the jaw. This habit tends to occur at night in our sleep. There are three problems as a result: (more…)

For there was never yet philosopher

‘For there was never yet philosopher

That could endure the toothache patiently’

William Shakespeare, MuchAdoAbout Nothing

The most common cause of toothache is dental decay – i.e.: a cavity. This is caused by bacteria (plaque) turning the sugar we eat into acid, this slowly over time produces a hole in the tooth.

The hole allows toxins to irritate the nerve in the tooth and this causes pain. It’s treated in the early stages by removing the decay and placing a filling in the tooth.

At a later stage we would need to also remove the nerve itself by using root canal therapy. (more…)

Tooth staining


Everyone understands that self confidence can be boosted with nice clean white teeth and we at Fresh Dental Care are very happy to help.

There are several reasons why teeth can appear stained and discoloured, so if we have a look at each of these we can understand the possible treatments that can address a variety of problems.

Teeth can appear stained and discoloured on the surface or within the body of the tooth. Let’s have a look at the outside staining first. (more…)

Damage limitation!


Did you know that the thin outer layer of your teeth, the enamel, is the hardest substance in the human body? But enamel is still susceptible to damage and loss. Once it’s gone, enamel can’t re-form, so we need to protect our enamel for the life of our teeth. 

Teeth damaged as a result of acids is unfortunately a growing trend and seen more frequently in younger and younger patients.

The damage can lead to tooth sensitivity and decay as acid erodes the structure of the teeth. Enamel erodes at a slower rate than dentine and this causes a characteristic worn appearance. Unfortunately, if we clench or grind our teeth the rate of wear increases.  (more…)

Types of braces

Many of us pass up the opportunity of braces in our self-conscious teenage years only to regret that decision as we grow older. If you’re self-conscious about your smile and are considering what orthodontic options might be open to you, this article explains the different types of braces currently available.

Traditional metal braces
The traditional metal braces that your dentist possibly discussed with you when you were younger are still the most commonly used. Why is this? They are exceptionally strong and can withstand most types of treatment. They are also typically the least expensive of all braces.


Now Spit!



We use mouthwash as part of a good daily oral hygiene routine. Mouthwashes are beneficial, helping by removing debris left between teeth after firstly brushing and flossing; because it’s a liquid, it can reach where toothpaste, a tooth brush and floss cannot. (more…)

Six good reasons to floss!

We sometimes think that oral health means simply brushing our teeth once a day forgetting that poor oral hygiene may lead to other health issues – but it’s much more than just brushing! Flossing is important and should be part of a good routine. (more…)

The benefits of tooth whitening



One of the benefits of tooth whitened is an improvement in general self esteem, making us happier and more content.

Over time our teeth may become discoloured by certain foods that we eat, drinking coffee or red wine, smoking, and how well we brush and floss. Whitening can help by producing a younger looking effect. If we’re not embarrassed by or conscious of our teeth, we smile naturally and confidently. Smiling has been shown to improve mood by triggering the production of endorphins. (more…)

Brushing your teeth – Top tips


We all think we know how to clean our teeth; it seems such a basic task. However, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Firstly, we need to understand the enemy – it’s plaque. This is a bio film of bacteria that build up on the teeth around the gum area. The bacteria that are present in saliva fix themselves to the teeth by producing sticky starch like molecules and this, along with the bugs, make plaque. It takes twelve hours to form and thus we need to brush it off twice a day

If left on the teeth the bacteria produce toxins which cause inflammation in the gum called gingivitis. This will make the gums red and swollen and prone to bleed when brushed.

If the plaque is left for longer it will harden, by the action of the calcium that is present in saliva, into tartar

Tartar, if left, caused the gums to be pushed back and teeth can be lost due to the resultant gum disease.

The method:

  • Put a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste on a compact medium brush and angle this at 45° to the gums, moving it in small circles over the areas where teeth and gums meet. Cover all the areas. Now clean the top surfaces of the teeth.
  • Take an interspace brush, which is a very small pointed head of bristles, and clean in between the teeth, particularly in the area around the lower front teeth where a lot  tartar tends to form.
  • Floss with dental tape the lower front six teeth and, if you can, all the rest.
  • Rinse with a non alcohol fluoride rinse.

Following this regime will mean that you’re in the champion league for dental hygiene – well done!

Hold on! Don’t forget to visit the dentist for regular examinations and professional cleaning by a hygienist every six months.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please contact us!



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