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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Why you’re never too old for adult orthodontics at Fresh Dental Care

Dentistry is evolving all the time, and never more so than in the area of adult orthodontics. At Fresh Dental Care in Maidstone, we are seeing adult patients of all ages and backgrounds achieve a straight smile for the first time since they lost their milk teeth. It’s never too late.

Forget the ‘train track’ wire braces that you resisted in your teenage years, adult orthodontics here in Maidstone are an altogether different solution. They deliver fast results, comfort and are incredibly discreet – in fact, our aligners are almost invisible, which makes them ideal for busy individuals who don’t want to draw attention to their treatment. We use innovative Invisalign adult orthodontics at Fresh Dental Care. This is a system of clear, removable aligners (each worn for two weeks) that gently moves your teeth into the right position. (more…)

Adult orthodontics – why you’re never too old for braces

The demand for ‘adult’ or ‘invisible’ orthodontics here at Fresh Dental Care reflects a growing trend in the dental industry. Braces are no longer seen as the domain of teenagers, thanks to a number of discreet alternatives to the traditional wire ‘train track’ braces we may have associated with teeth straightening in the past.

Brace-wearing celebrities such as Dakota Fanning, Tom Cruise, Gwen Stefani, Danny Glover, Nicholas Cage and Delta Goodrem are helping to pave the way for individuals who might previously have dismissed orthodontic treatment as a missed opportunity. (more…)

Grow your own

Researchers grow teeth from gum cells

The BBC reports on research by a team from King’s College London in which cells from adult gum tissue were combined with another type of cell from mice to grow a tooth. The leader of the study, Professor Paul Sharpe, said he hoped the technology could one day replace current dental implants. Professor Alastair Sloan, an expert in bone biology and tissue engineering at Cardiff University said the work was significant but there remained many hurdles before it would be available to patients.

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