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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Speak up for your teeth to get the best tooth whitening results

Tooth whitening is an increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that can make a massive difference to the appearance of your smile without breaking the bank.

As we get older, our teeth naturally darken and discolour due to factors such as diet, age, lifestyle and even genetics. Tooth whitening at Fresh Dental Care is a relatively inexpensive treatment that can make your teeth look younger, cleaner and healthier. The great thing about tooth whitening too is that is disguises flaws on your teeth and makes them look straighter. (more…)

It’s Time To Look After Yourself!

We spend much of our precious time looking after everything but ourselves. We tend to our work and family and we don’t have much time spare for looking after number one.

We should set aside ‘me’ time and, being a dentist, my thoughts go to dental health and the maintenance of your smile.

There are two aspects to looking after your smile: (more…)

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