For many of us, there comes a time when face creams and shop bought skincare systems just aren’t cutting it any more in the fight to maintain youthful, wrinkle-free skin. At the same time, going under the knife for plastic surgery may feel like a cut too far.
Here, we look at five popular facial aesthetic treatment options that make safe wrinkle reduction a reality:

1. Skincare systems

It’s possible to take your skincare regime up a notch at Fresh Dental Care by using a world-leading skincare range such as Restylane, Obagi Nu-Derm® or Zo. These systems can safely correct the signs of ageing by penetrating beneath the surface of your skin and accelerating cellular turnover. The result is a revived, healthy glow. These skincare systems are a step up from what you would typically use at home, and are widely tolerated by most people. In addition to improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, these systems can help with problems such as acne and hyperpigmentation. The treatment is bespoke to you, the individual, and helps address the overall health of your skin.