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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Dermal fillers – a natural solution to youthful-looking skin

In our younger years, our skin has an abundant supply of a substance called hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for its elasticity and youthful appearance. As we begin to age, our skin starts losing hyaluronic acid, naturally losing its volume and causing wrinkles to occur. Dermal fillers replace the stock of hyaluronic acid to your skin, rehydrating it and improving definition.


Minimally-invasive treatment – treatment is straightforward and you can resume your normal activities the minute you walk out of the practice.

Short treatment time – dermal fillers take a maximum of 30 minutes to administer, so you could even make an appointment with us during your lunch break!

Predictable results – cosmetic surgery is the alternative way to a more youthful-looking face, but with the countless horror stories out there is it really worth the risk? As dermal fillers are simply restoring your features by applying a natural substance found in the body, you can be sure of the results – you’ll be looking at the younger version of you in the mirror post-treatment!

Can be used to target a number of areas – a versatile treatment, dermal fillers can be used to treat mouth lines, lipstick lines, tear troughs, crow’s feet and more, as well as add volume to areas of the face.

Lay a foundation for subsequent treatments to last longer –  the effects of dermal fillers can be prolonged with subsequent and regular treatment. Treatment generally lasts up to 6 months, but can last longer once you have had a few treatment sessions.

Increase your confidence – the onset of wrinkles and lines can leave you feeling a little under confident. Dermal fillers can help restore your younger feature, giving you back your mojo and improving your general wellbeing.


If you would like more information about dermal fillers and other facial aesthetics treatments at Fresh, please contact us today and we can arrange a consultation for you.

Fixed cosmetic braces at Fresh

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, many adult patients are put off by the long treatment time of 24 plus months. Fixed cosmetic braces offer a short-term solution for mild to moderate orthodontic issues such as spacing and misaligned teeth.

Closeup of a mouth with braces on teeth and the tongue out isolated in green

What are the benefits of fixed cosmetic braces (Cfast)?

  • Faster treatment – fixed cosmetic treatment can take as little as 6 months to correct mild to moderate complications with teeth known as the ‘social six’ – these are the teeth that are visible to others when you smile.
  • Comfortable treatment – you might think that a fast-acting treatment will be uncomfortable because the pressure applied is more intense in order for the fast results to be achieved. This is a myth – fixed cosmetic braces apply gentle pressure to tackle misaligned, widely spaced or crowded teeth.
  • Aesthetic treatment – Cfast braces are designed to be subtle and in keeping with your smile. The brackets are clear-coloured and the wires are extremely fine and therefore go relatively unnoticed by others.
  • Simplicity – Treatment is very straightforward – once your orthodontist here at Fresh has fitted your braces, all you need to do is ensure that they are clean throughout the treatment period and attend regular check-ups so we can track your progress.
  • Look your best for a forthcoming occasion at short notice – Maybe you’ve just been invited to a friend’s wedding and you want to look your best for the big day? Cfast braces are a quick-fix solution but there’s no compromise on quality if you want a winning smile for a special day.
  • Path to a healthier smile – Having unnatural gaps in your smile can be a complication when it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene as food particles are allowed to build up in-between these gaps and can be difficult to remove. Cfast braces can help realign your teeth to a healthy position and make them easier to clean.

How can I look after my teeth with fixed braces?

We can supply you with an interdental toothbrush which reaches the corners of your mouth that braces make difficult to clean. Brushing and flossing will be more challenging with fixed braces so you may have to spend a little extra time looking after your teeth but with the comfort of knowing that the treatment period is very short.


If you would like more information about how fixed cosmetic braces (Cfast) braces can benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact us here in Maidstone.


CEREC magic – crowns in a single day…..

Here at Fresh, we like to be able to offer our patients state-of-the art technology as we believe our patients deserve the best standard of treatment.

computer-aided machine in a highly modern dental laboratory for prosthesis and crowns milling. Dentistry prostodontics prosthetics and medical computer technology concept.

What are the benefits of CEREC crowns?

  • Digital impressions for CEREC crowns – here at Fresh we no longer use uncomfortable alginate impressions and instead, opt for comfortable, hassle-free digital impressions. We have found that many patients are very glad of the digital system as alginate impressions can often induce a gag-reflex – we appreciate that this is not particularly pleasant!
  • Custom-created – CEREC crowns are made to fit your exact tooth structure and we take your hair, skin and eye colour into account when creating your bespoke crown.
  • Speedy solution – The whole crowning process is completed in a single appointment, from creation of the crown, to applying the finishing touches, to fitting the crown.
  • CEREC allows us to create
  • Long-lasting solution – Research has shown that CEREC crowns have a 95.5% survival rate after 10 years and 84% after 18 years, so you know you’re investing in a long-term solution for your dental health.
  • Time-saving – if you have a busy schedule and are reluctant to have a restoration fitted due to the commitment involved where appointments are concerned, CEREC is the solution for you. You only have to commit to one appointment, which will include you having impressions taken, choosing the properties of the crown with your dentist, having the crown milled onsite and having the crown fitted.
  • Highest levels of precision – the CEREC system is highly efficient and accurate. The technology captures a 3D image of your teeth and is sent to the on-site milling machine which then shapes and cuts the restoration from a high quality block of ceramic with your exact tooth proportions in mind.
  • Provide natural function – CEREC crowns restore the function of a real tooth – you won’t notice the difference between your CEREC restoration and your existing teeth!
  • CEREC makes use of biocompatible metal-free materials – CEREC crowns are made from ceramic porcelain that is highly compatible with your body and very unlikely to be rejected, as opposed to restorations that use metal.


If you would like more information about same day CEREC crowns at Fresh Dental, please get in touch with us today.

The most frequently asked questions from patients: braces

Looking to have orthodontic treatment? Here are some of the most common questions we are asked by patients here at Fresh. 

Side view picture of woman's mouth demonstrating orthodontics correction of jaws with clear brackets

Is there such a thing as being ‘too old’ for orthodontic treatment?

Did you know that 1 in 5 patients having orthodontic treatment is now an adult? Once upon a time, orthodontics was principally associated with younger patients and the limited treatment options was a big deterrent for adults who do not wish for their smile to change dramatically during the treatment period. Options like Invisalign are a removable option that offer an aesthetic solution and the flexibility that adults desire.


How long does treatment take?

Modern orthodontics offers patients the option of short-term treatments like Invisalign Express and Invisalign i7 offer patients the option of not having to commit to a comprehensive treatment lasting up to 36 months. Although these treatments cannot correct any fundamental orthodontic issues, if you have misaligned or crowded front teeth, these types of treatments can correct such issues.


Are there other discreet brace types offered by Fresh?

Cfast braces employ gentle force to align patients’ teeth and have a highly-aesthetic design that incorporates tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets. Affordable and fast-acting, Cfast braces are a great option for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic complications who do not wish for their smile to change dramatically during treatment.


How do I clean my teeth when undergoing orthodontic treatment?

This depends on the course of treatment you have chosen. Removable treatments such as Invisalign allow patients a 2 hour window each day in which to remove their to brush, floss and eat. Removable treatments make maintaining good oral hygiene much easier than when patients are undergoing treatment via fixed braces; the brace hardware can make it difficult to clean your teeth, as it becomes difficult to weave in and out of the small spaces created by the brackets and archwires. Interdental brushes can help you clean your teeth when you have fixed brace types as they have the capacity to reach between the small spaces of your brace and effectively remove food particles.


Is orthodontic treatment painful?           

The modern treatments of today incorporate techniques that gently move your teeth thus causing minimal discomfort. Any pain associated with orthodontic treatment can usually be eradicated with over-the-counter painkillers.


If you would like to know more about your orthodontic treatment options at Fresh, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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