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Invisible braces Medway Towns

Invisible adult orthodontics that can change your smile in just months

Removable braces in Maidstone

Invisible braces Maidstone, Invisible braces Chatham

At Fresh Dental Care, we offer a choice of two different Invisalign® removable brace options. Invisalign® has an international reputation for high quality and discreet adult-orientated orthodontic treatments. The systems use a series of removable aligners, which are made from state-of-the-art comfortable and lightweight materials.

Invisalign i7® is a new orthodontics system from Invisalign® that has been specifically designed to achieve minor tooth movements and treat problems such as crowding, spacing or orthodontic relapse. Invisalign i7® uses up to seven stages of aligners to achieve noticeable results in as little as three months. As with all Invisalign® products, Invisalign i7® is almost invisible.

Invisalign Express® takes many of the features associated with its predecessors and combines them with a faster working solution for less severe orthodontic problems, such as crowding and spacing. Whereas the original Invisalign® braces can take 12 to 18 months before the desired results are achieved, Invisalign Express® can correct your smile in as little as six months. The system is still underpinned by the same consultative support and computer-generated smile design as Invisalign®.

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