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Hygiene treatment, Maidstone

The best way you can safeguard your oral health and make sure that your smile stays as healthy looking as possible is to ensure that you attend regular oral examinations and hygiene appointments at Fresh Dental Care.

During these appointments, the emphasis is very much on prevention, and we work as a team to encourage and maintain your oral health. By helping you to tackle common problems, such as gum disease and the build up of plaque, you can be confident that your breath is fresh and your smile bright and healthy. We also use your regular examinations – known as 10-point clinical assessments – to screen for signs of oral cancer, as early detection is the single biggest factor in overcoming this illness.

Our Refresh practice membership scheme includes two annual oral examinations and hygiene visits, as well as routine radiographs, emergency call out provision and supplementary insurance. Other membership packages are available and all offer excellent value for money and a guaranteed return on your investment in terms of protecting your health, now and in the future.

Fresh breath and healthy gums

During your 10-point clinical assessments and hygiene appointments, we will take the opportunity to discuss factors such as diet and lifestyle (e.g. smoking and drinking), which can significantly affect the health of your teeth and gums. By making simple changes and following a sensible oral health regimen, it is possible to improve your overall health and wellbeing. It is also a massive boost to your confidence when you know your breath is fresh and your smile is as healthy as possible.

Our guarantee:

We will guarantee our implant restorations, crowns, bridges, inlays and veneers for 3 years, provided:

  • You have attended regular 6 monthly appointments with our hygienist and followed any advice given.

  • Failure is not due to lack of care, trauma, tooth decay or as a result of additional dentistry provided elsewhere.

  • There is not an outstanding balance on your account.

  • Fillings and other adhesive work are guaranteed for 2 years.

  • Implants are not guaranteed if you are a smoker.