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’10 point assessment’ at Fresh Dental

Why are check-ups so important?

When you become a patient with us, we will invite you to attend an oral examination twice a year. This will be like a check-up but not in the conventional sense. These appointments will focus on a 10-point clinical assessment. This system is centred around prevention and identifying problems in their early stages.

Radiographs – If necessary, we will take X-rays of your teeth to examine the structure of your teeth and get an overall picture view of your mouth.

Photographs – These help us plan your treatment and are a good visual tool to help us to explain your oral health. We also use these in conjunction with our dental laboratory to asses your facial shape and symmetry.

Tooth Check – A thorough assessment of the health, function and appearance of your teeth and any existing restorations.

Gum Heath – You will undergo an extensive gum assessment so we can analyse the your teeth’s foundations. Depending on the outcome, we may recommend a hygienist programme or bespoke at home products.

Bite Records – Your bite is an important aspect of your dental health. We will check and record how your teeth meet and move across one another. This is an important indicator when it comes to any new restorations.

Jaw Joint – If your external jaw joints are misaligned, you could suffer from headaches and migraines. The 10-point assessment will help keep these kind of complications at bay.

Internal Soft Tissue – The health of your cheeks, palate and tongue are vital to your overall oral health. A comprehensive oral cancer screening will also be carried out at each consultation.

Lifestyle – your lifestyle affects your oral health. We will discuss your diet, lifestyle and habits, so that we can help you make any improvements and offer your advice.

Your needs – Your dentist will listen to any worries or questions that you raise.

We’ve just released a free essential guide to ‘secretly straightening your teeth’. Download it online here. If you would like to arrange a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.