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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Orthodontic Treatment

No one will know you’ve even got braces

Here at Fresh Dental Care, we can provide some of the most innovative forms of orthodontic treatment. Advance treatments such as Invisalign are virtually invisible, so people will not notice that you are going through orthodontic treatment. We also offer Cfast braces which uses thin wires and ceramic fixtures, to create a more invisible appearance than traditional braces. With these treatments provided, the overall appearance of your mouth will more attractive and the brace will be almost invisible to other people.

The result will be a perfect, aligned smile

Invisalign is specifically adapted to move your teeth gradually from their original position towards a final projected placement. This means that you will be able to see the final outcome of the treatment before it has even started – guaranteeing you a flawless, straight smile. The Cfast treatment uses innovative wire technology, which are stronger than most other orthodontic treatments. This means even the most serious of teeth misalignments can be treated.

Your self-confidence will be greatly improved

Research studies have found that having braces can provide higher levels of self-esteem and personal confidence. These newfound benefits can be used in order to succeed in personal, social and professional pursuits. Orthodontic treatments can also reduce problems associated with anxiety and the results can last a lifetime!

Age is not an issue when wearing braces

With the current orthodontic treatment provided means that you can achieve a beautiful smile, without it affecting your daily lifestyle. Many celebrities have had braces as an adult such as Tom Cruise, Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry.

Your oral health will not suffer

The Invisalign aligner can be easily removed, to ensure that you can still retain a normal cleaning routine and good dental hygiene. The Cfast system uses wires and cannot be removed, it is still very manageable to keep a good oral hygiene routine, but you will need to pay more attention and use the right tools. It is still just as easy to keep everything cavity-free and clean, you just need to implement a thorough cleaning routine.

The treatment time will not be as long as traditional braces

The types of orthodontic treatments we provide are so innovative, that you do not have to wear the brace for as long as traditional braces. Both can have minimal treatment time, especially Invisalign which can be as little as 6 months.  Cfast braces can reduce the amount of time from six months less than traditional braces.

The treatment will have minimal if not no pain or discomfort