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Choosing A Dentist

It can be difficult to decide on which dental practice you are going to choose, especially if there are many in your area. It can be easy to choose the practice that offers the most convenience, though this may not be the one that delivers the highest quality of service. We’ve put together a few pointers to help you in your search for a dental practice you can trust.

A warm welcome and friendly approach to customer service should never go undervalued. Here at Fresh, we have patients of all ages and our team are a great bunch who are not limited to simply offering dental services – we believe we are people people!  Of course, our high quality of service goes without saying.

What to look for:

  1. Go further… – It can be so easy to choose the dentist that’s just round the corner from your house – especially if you have children, are pushed for time or don’t have your own transport. However, going the extra mile (literally) can be one of the best investments that you make – it’s your dentalcare in question after all! Carry out some research as there might be an outstanding practice just a handful of miles further but offering  better service and maintaining a stronger reputation. Surly long-term dental health is worth it?!

  2. A warm welcome- Although, generally speaking, you don’t visit the dentist all that often, if you ever encounter any complications with your teeth, you could be spending a lot of time there…. This means you need to choose somewhere you don’t mind spending time and where the staff and ambiance will make you feel at ease.

  3. Treatment options – Contrary to what some believe, not all dental practices offer the same treatments, so check out what each practice on your shortlist offers before deciding on a final choice. Perhaps reading up on a few different treatments would help you understand what you need from your dentist? If there is a history of a particular condition in your family that you might need to have treated in the future?  Here at Fresh we’re happy to talk you through the types of treatment we offer.

  4. General vibes – Here at Fresh we take our patients’ wellbeing and comfort seriously. We understand that a lot of people do not feel comfortable about visiting the dentist – it’s our job to help you beat this fear. A good practice will have friendly staff (as previously mentioned), as well as a welcoming space and atmosphere (the waiting room, the atmosphere).

  5. A good support base. Dental practices are made up of teams of dentists, hygienists and receptionists. A good dental practice has these staff working as a team, creating a good vibe amongst the practice and putting the patient at ease.