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Jargon buster part 2

The second half of our jargon buster – letters M-Z. 

Mandibular – Medical term for the lower jaw that holds the lower teeth in position.

Marginal bone loss – Marginal bone resorption/marginal bone loss, is when the bone contained in the jaw shrinks as a result of lack of stimulation.

Maxilla – The bone that forms part of the jaw, nose and eye socket.

Molar – The teeth located right at the back of the mouth – they have roots into the upper maxilla.

Osseointegration – When a bone heals and fuses around a dental implant.

Periodontal disease – This begins when gum disease begins to affect the gums, supporting structures of the teeth and bone. Gingivitis precedes periodontal disease.

Pontic – Artificial tooth.

Pre-molar – Located behind the canine teeth. Their properties include a flat chewing surface, which helps break down foods.

Restoration – The collective term for the various types of false tooth (crowns, bridges, inlays, fillings) that are secured to a dental implant via an abutment.

Root canal – A root canal is a procedure carried out to treat an infection located in the soft tissue of a root canal system. This is done by removing the tissue that contains harmful bacteria and then sealing the tooth with a filling or a crown.

Short span bridge – A bridge created for a single missing tooth.

Smile makeover – A treatment plan incorporating more than a single cosmetic dentistry procedure. Popular combinations are tooth whitening and veneers and orthodontics and veneers and crowns.

Temporary denture – These are created before any tooth extraction or surgeries are carried out. Temporary dentures are placed immediately after surgery in order to help maintain the shape of the face over the healing period.

TMD/TMJ – Complications surrounding a person’s bite (temporomandibular joint disorders). This can be treated with orthodontic treatment. Pain sometimes occurs around the ears and the neck and also manifests itself through headaches.

Upper arch – Upper arch of teeth is known as the maxillary arch.

Veneer – Custom made layers of porcelain designed to cover a decayed, damaged, chipped or broken tooth, rendering it healthier and more cosmetically sound.

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