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Keeping Your Mouth Healthy: The Whole Tooth…

Question: what are the key issues in keeping my mouth healthy?

Answer: keeping to the key issues:

  • brushing using fluoride tooth paste twice a day.

  • flossing, especially the front lower six teeth twice a day

  • avoid frequent consumption of sugar

  • have a dental examination every six months, with a professional clean and advice

  • have dental x-rays every two years.don’t smoke

  • visit your dentist if you suspect you may have a problem sooner rather that later

Question: what is the science behind this?

Answer: there are three conditions that dentists are trained to deal with, amongst others.

  • gum disease

  • cavities

  • mouth cancer

Gum disease is due to a build up on the teeth called plaque, which is soft. It takes twelve hour to form and you can brush and floss is off. If left, however, it will cause gum disease eventually.

When you eat sugar it is used by the plaque germs to make acid, which will slowly cause a dental cavity. Once this is through the enamel, a filling will be needed.

Mouth cancer is rare but dentists are trained to screen for it at each dental examination appointment. Lumps in the neck, ulcers, red or white patches are checked for and, if needed, further help and advice can be given. Smoking is, without doubt, a risk factor.

A dental check up is effective in diagnosing problems early and giving advice to prevent further mouth disease. X-rays are needed once in a while to check areas not easily seen by the naked eye, i.e., where teeth touch, beneath fillings and to look at the health of the gums by examining the position of the jaw bone.

Question: anything else?

Answer: Yes!

Dentistry is not just about dental health, appearance is also very important. So, if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, have a chat with your dentist or come and see us.

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