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Pregnancy and your smile

If you are pregnant, having a baby will make you smile – eventually!

But what are the true implications of being pregnant and your oral health.

It's true to say that most women can go through pregnancy without losing teeth.

However, there are some pitfalls, so let’s have a look at the risks:

Gum health: the hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy will affect the gums if the gums are already inflamed by gum disease and will make it worse.

Therefore it is wise to have an examination when you discover the good news and a clean with our hygienist is a must. The hygienist will also have a look at your oral hygiene generally and provide good advice for on-going care accordingly.

Teeth: we very much try to avoid taking x-rays during this time, however it is possible if needs be and is safe for you and your baby.

Medicines: it’s possible to have treatment for dental problems that occur during pregnancy, but again, we try to avoid this if we possibly can.

We wish you the very best for you and your new baby – you’d both be very welcome at Fresh Dental Care if any help or advice is needed.

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