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Reasons for your child to undergo orthodontic treatment early….

Complications with misaligned teeth and jaw complications are usually best solved with early orthodontic intervention intervention. As your child’s bones are more malleable and softer, their jaws are more easily pushed into a healthy shape. A second reason for this is because young children grow faster which means treatment takes less time to complete.

Early intervention also helps to prevent crowded teeth. An example of this is if your child were to lose their baby molar (for any number of reasons, such as decay), this could cause their adult molar to shift forward and crowd their emerging adult teeth. By taking early action in shifting this adult molar back into an optimum position, you can prevent your child from requiring intervention later in life, such as removing the tooth altogether.

Help keep tooth decay at bay – if your child has overlapping, misaligned or crooked teeth, this can render flossing and brushing thoroughly difficult as some of the teeth’s surfaces become hard to reach which is when bacteria and food particles are allowed to build-up.  This is when teeth become susceptible to tooth decay. By undergoing braces treatment, your child’s teeth can become straighter

Braces can help prevent heart disease – your child’s gums can become unhealthy due to malocclusions (jaw problems caused by misaligned teeth).  As tooth alignment and jaw issues cause difficulty cleaning, your child’s teeth will build up layers of plaque and tartar on their teeth. Following this, their gum tissue becomes inflamed, promoting the growth of harmful bacteria. if left untreated, this bacteria can enter the bloodstream and become a primary cause of cardiovascular disease.

Help your child avoid other health issues – Misaligned teeth can present a range of health issues, ranging from mild to severe. For example, jaw misalignment can cause migraines, chronic chewing and biting issues, speech problems and earaches as well as irregularities in the temporomandibular joint (otherwise known as the jaw joint).

Increase your child’s self-esteem and self confidence – Children can suffer at the hands of other children for having jaw or teeth problems as if affects the way they look. Correcting a misaligned jaw could be one of the biggest confidence boosters for your child, helping restore belief in themselves.