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The challenges of Halloween for parents and dental health

Halloween can be a challenging time of year for parents but there are ways to minimise the stress and help your child keep their teeth in check despite the high circulation of candy! 

Some types of candy are more damaging to your child’s teeth than others – it’s not all about the sugar content, it’s also down to the consistency. For example, sticky confectionary like caramel and toffee has a tenacious tendency to stick to teeth, creating the perfect breeding ground for plaque and tartar. As soon as your child bites into something sugary, the bacteria in plaque start to produce acids and whilst the acid is being produced, the teeth are starved of vital minerals which is when decay begins.

A good brushing and flossing routine 

It is of course, essential that you put a regimental brushing and flossing routine in place for your child, especially during their early years. It is especially important that if you child has been eating confectionary and foods that are not particularly good for their teeth, they spend a little extra time looking after their teeth. Try to encourage them to drink as much water as possible after eating sweets as this will help shift any lingering food particles that can later cause plaque and tartar.

Many people brush for the correct amount of time (2 minutes), but do not apply an effective technique and therefore suffer complications like cavities and tooth decay despite this. Here at Fresh our dental hygienist can show you the correct way of brushing, so that your child can apply this.

Healthy halloween alternatives 

If your child is out and about trick or treating this Halloween, it will be practically impossible to prevent them from eating some kind of confectionary, as this is generally what people give out for them them at this time! But why not get creative and come up with some healthy Halloween snacks that they can have in between whilst still embracing the Halloween culture? Pumpkin soup is full of nutrients and still tastes great and gingerbread is a healthier sugar-based alternative to chocolate and sweets. Get your kids to decorate their gingerbread men to give it a novel feel and this may divert them away from the less healthy options.

If you would like more information about how to maintain good dental hygiene, please do not hesitate to get in touch.