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The Daily Grind

Christmas can be a stressful time and sometimes we may all feel like clenching our teeth in the Christmas queues but what is the truth about tooth grinding?

The technical term for tooth grinding is Bruxism and it can be a habit of grinding and or clenching the jaw. This habit tends to occur at night in our sleep. There are three problems as a result:

Wear leading to sensitivity  and mechanical problems in the jaw.fracturing of the teethpoor appearance.

We do not know exactly why people start to grinding their teeth. It may be genetics or stress, we just don’t know.

The management of the problem depends on how much trouble it is giving the patients and how aggressive the wear rate is.

So if you have a wear problem and nothing else, models and photo’s can be taken to check the rate of wear and we can intervene with treatment if this proves to be excessive.

Fractures, sensitivity or issues of appearance may need to be treated with fillings, or crowns to rectify the problem.

Headaches can be a problem with this condition and night bite protecting guards can be made. These are worn at night and can ease headaches.

So come and see us if you are grinding your teeth.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas beak.