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The Weekend Antics that could be Damaging Your Teeth

During the weekends, we all indulge in a little treat or two to relieve the stress of the week’s events. But did you realize the stress and damage that you could be causing to your teeth in the process? Here are some common weekend activities and things to avoid, preventing you from harming your oral health.

Watching a Movie

Eating popcorn may be a cinematic tradition, but those little corn kernels are a hazard for your oral hygiene. When they get wedged in-between the gaps of your teeth, they help to harbour the bad bacteria that causes cavities. Try to ensure you floss after the film has finished, as this will prevent any cavities from occurring.

Enjoying a Night Out

Fizzy drinks such as cider and prosecco are a popular choice for many on a night out. But did you know that the bubbles in these drinks contain high levels of highly acidic carbon dioxide? This acid erodes and attacks the enamel coating on the teeth, which makes them weaker and more sceptical to decay. An alternative option if you do not wish to ditch these drinks is to use a straw to avoid any contact with the teeth.

Eating a Takeaway

At the weekend there is nothing more tempting than a takeaway. But not only can this treat wreak havoc on our waistlines they can also heavily damage our teeth. Heavy pigmented foods such as curries or Chinese dishes can stain teeth yellow over time. Other takeaways like pizza and pasta cause acid erosion which leads to tooth decay, due to the refined carbohydrates in the dough and pasta that contains sugar.

A Pamper Evening With Friends                                          


A home beauty evening with friends is not without some DIY treatments like face masks, hair treatments or shop bought dental whitening kits. But many are aware of the dangers associated with whitening their teeth at home. Many kits have been found to contain hazardous levels of bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Dentists warn that using these kits can cause stomach problems, toothache, gum-shrinking, mouth infections and nerve damage.

Eating Out With Friends

It is tempting when you eat out with friends to indulge in the mouth-watering, sugar filled desserts on the menu. But by doing this you are posing a huge risk to your overall oral health. Rather than eating tooth destroying desserts like chocolate, cake or ice-cream, have something that could benefit your teeth instead.  Eating fruits like apples are a sweet alternative as they produce salvia in the mouth, which washes away any build-up of bacteria from your meal. They essentially act as a natural toothbrush until you are able to next clean your teeth.