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Tips for Taking Care of Your Children’s Teeth Over Easter

Easter is about to spring upon us and we all know it can become difficult to limit our children’s sugar intake, especially with all the chocolate goodies that the Easter bunny will bring. Their oral health however, doesn’t have to suffer if the right precautions are taken.

Ensure chocolate is kept to mealtimes

It is not always the case of how much chocolate your child consumes, but mainly how often that causes oral health problems. By keeping the chocolate to mealtimes, means that the teeth can be cleaned after, preventing cavities which could be caused by sugar.

Give your child a glass of water after eating chocolate

This will help to produce salvia in the mouth, which will help to rinse away any plaque, bacteria and debris. A glass of water also doesn’t contain any sugar, so is the healthiest option for your child to drink whilst washing down their Easter egg.

Monitor their intake

The longer amount of time chocolate is in the mouth, will produce more acids that cause tooth decay. Oversee your child’s intake of their Easter egg, and give them small pieces that won’t stay in their mouth for long periods.

Give them sugar free options

If you are really worried about your child eating chocolate, due to the sugar content, there are sugar free options available online. You will still have to ensure they have a good dental routine to clean their teeth after eating to reduce tooth decay. But the lack of sugar compared to their sugar filled counterparts, will prevent cavities further.

Give them certain foods to clean the mouth

Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples and celery stimulates the production of saliva. This is beneficial for teeth, since saliva helps to protect the teeth from bacteria, by helping to break down and wash away chocolate that can become stuck in the teeth. Or you could give your child a small piece of cheese after eating chocolate, as this will help to neutralise the acids that cause tooth decay.

Offer them other forms of treats than the traditional chocolate egg

If you wish to completely eradicate your child sugar intake from eating chocolate, you could offer them other fun alternatives. Why not swap chocolate eggs for fancy dress items or cuddly toys? Or you could take them on a day trip to the zoo or a fairground, as a special treat in the Easter holidays. Just make sure you don’t let them indulge in other forms of sweet treats, like candy floss, that could harm their oral health just as much as chocolate.