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Tooth staining

Everyone understands that self confidence can be boosted with nice clean white teeth and we at Fresh Dental Care are very happy to help.

There are several reasons why teeth can appear stained and discoloured, so if we have a look at each of these we can understand the possible treatments that can address a variety of problems.

Teeth can appear stained and discoloured on the surface or within the body of the tooth. Let’s have a look at the outside staining first.

There are several causes of outside staining:

  • drinks such as tea, coffee and cola

  • foods such as curries and soy sauce

  • smoking

  • a long term build up of tartar and plaque

All of these factors can cause staining to our teeth and to some extent can be removed by a clean and polish by Sophie, our lovely hygienist. Sophie is able to clean teeth is a way that you just can’t achieve by yourself - you may need this two to four times a year depending on the individual.

There are several causes of inside stains:

  • old fillings, especially metal ones

  • old crowns, again especially ones that contain metal

  • teeth that have been darkened by eating foods containing the organic chemicals in corn oil

  • aging

  • genetics

Decay needs to be treated by restoration using modern white filling materials and old crowns can be simply replaced with new, metal free porcelain ones. All the other causes can be addressed by tooth whitening using hydrogen peroxide gels.

So the take home message is there is no need to tolerate a shabby smile! Come and visit us to discover how we can lift it up using modern dental techniques.