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Why We Avoid The Dentist

Visiting the dentist regularly is vital in caring for your mouth and teeth. So why do so many of us avoid visiting the dentist? Here is a list of the top reasons why we put-off that important visit:

  • Bad memories

If you’ve ever had a bad experience at the dentist, even as a child, these bad memories can stay with you, sometimes making you avoid the dentist. If you’ve experienced pain or discomfort in the past, you may carry memories of this experience that can last many years. Reassuringly, dental procedures have changed markedly today, with many dentists now doing much to provide a positive experience.

  • Fear of being lectured

Many of us know that the dentist will tell us that we need to be caring for our teeth better or in a different way. If you know that you have been neglecting flossing or haven’t been brushing properly, knowing that this lecture is coming can be enough for you to delay your visit. In reality, however, dentists or dental hygienists don’t want to reprimand patients, but rather gently advise them about how to improve their dental habits instead.

  • Too busy

Many of us lead busy lives which can make, firstly, setting aside the time to make an appointment and then, secondly, actually making it there a challenge. If we keep delaying our visit, it makes it more and more difficult to get there over time. In reality, making a dentist appointment doesn’t take more than two minutes and most check-ups should only take thirty minutes.

  • Fear of the instruments

For some people, the sounds and sensations of the instruments being used on their teeth can be a source of fear. In reality, however, there have been many advances in technology, which has drastically reduced pain and discomfort at the dentist. If you are afraid of any of the instruments, be sure to let your dentist know during the visit so that he or she can explain to you exactly what each is used for and monitor your comfort levels.

  • Fear of needing dental work

The need for dental work such as fillings, removal of wisdom teeth or root canal can be a major reason why people delay their visit. Dental procedures such as these can be costly and cause pain. Even if a procedure is necessary and will be better in the long run, some people choose to avoid the dentist rather than confront and deal with the problem. Unfortunately, doing so can result in further complications and the worsening of the issue. If you’re ever in doubt about the possibility of needing dental work, it’s best to see your dentist straight away.

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