You have pain in your mouth, face or neck

This could be a sign that you have Bruxism (a condition where you grind your teeth or clench your jaw during the night), which can damage your teeth.

Your gums bleed when you brush or floss

There are many reasons why your gums might bleed, including simply brushing too hard or gum disease such as gingivitis.

Your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold

This could be a sign that the enamel on your teeth is worn away, exposing the soft dentin underneath.

You have a family history or gum disease or tooth decay

A family history means that you could be predisposed to these conditions as a result of genetics. It’s best to have regular dental check-ups to monitor your oral health.

You are pregnant

The changes in your hormones during pregnancy can affect the health of your mouth and can make pre-existing dental conditions worse.

You have persistently bad breath

This unpleasant condition can be caused by a number of factors from gum disease to medical conditions. Your dentist will help you to determine the cause.

Your mouth is often dry

The lack of saliva produced by a dry mouth can cause tooth decay.

Your jaw sometimes pops or is painful when you chew

This can be sign that you have Bruxism or a temporomandibular joint problem.

You have fillings, dentures, dental implants etc.

It’s important that these are examined regularly to ensure that they are performing adequately.

You have difficulty chewing or swallowing

Difficulties in chewing or swallowing can be a symptom of a number of conditions but is a sign that your mouth should be examined by a medical professional.

You have medical condition such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or HIV

Medical conditions such as these affect your mouth as well as other parts of your body so regular visits to the dentist are important.

You smoke

Smoking has a very negative impact on your oral health and can cause a range of dental issues.

You have a sore in your mouth that isn’t going away

If a mouth irritation or sore doesn’t disappear on its own, have your mouth examined to determine the cause and treatment options.

You are undergoing medical treatment such as chemotherapy or hormone replacement therapy

Medical treatments such as these can affect your oral health and regular dental examinations are advised.

You don’t like the way your teeth look

If your teeth are misaligned or discoloured, your dentist will be able to discuss some treatment options with you.

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