As a part of the Portman Dental Group, we have a number of first-rate articles on the Portman Group website. 

Our dentists at Fresh Dental & Implant Clinic wanted to ensure you had as much information as possible. Our articles will help you to understand the orthodontic process.

Whitehall Dental Articles

General FAQ's

You asked and we listened - Browse our frequently asked questions below.

    Our treatment FAQ's

    To help you, we have collated some of the frequently asked questions and provided you with the answers below.

      Taking oral hygiene to heart

      Although we understand that poor dental care can lead to poor dental health, our teeth act as the gateway to the body, so ensuring that you have stellar oral hygiene will ensure you avoid more serious health conditions.

        More than just a check up

        Regular check-ups are an essential part of a good oral health routine and helps to prevent dental issues; but at Fresh Dental & Implant Clinic, this is more than just a check-up

          Air purifiers and safety

          In all applicable practices, we have invested significantly in state-of-the-art air purifiers, providing a safer environment for you, your practice team and all our patients.

            Dental myths

            We have put together a list of the commons dental hygiene myths and why you shouldn't follow them.

              Hygienist Q and A's

              Our practitioners care about your oral hygiene routine, so to help you maintain a healthy mouth and smile, we have put together some handy video tips.

                Our new patient journey video

                Take a look at our video to find out more about our new patient journey

                  Child patient journey

                  We wanted to help showcase what a child should expect when they next visit the practice.

                    Our new patient journey for your safety

                    All decisions we have made have been with the dedicated focus on the safety of you, our colleagues and clinicians. 

                      Dental floss & interdental brushes

                      It’s important you also clean the hard to see or reach parts of your teeth with dental floss and interdental brushes.

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