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Most people have something they would like to change about their smile in order to feel more confident. It’s easy to understand why. Humans are guided by the facial expressions of others. It’s where we take our cues about our relationships and our sense of belonging. A healthy, happy smile has a language of its own. It invites people in, makes friends, and creates opportunities. When we smile, it’s a gift to the world.

Whether you want teeth that are straighter, whiter, healthier or younger looking, we can help you. At Fresh Dental Care, we offer a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments such as dental implants, adult orthodontics, veneers, one-visit crowns and tooth whitening to refresh and rejuvenate your smile. These procedures can be used in combination or alone, depending on your needs.

To take the first step towards achieving the smile you’ve always wanted, you can book a smile consultation where we can explain your various treatment options in more detail.

As a patient at Fresh Dental Care, you will be offered three different levels of consultation.

New patient consultation

New Patient Consultation

Before you join the practice, you are welcome to book a complimentary initial consultation. This is your opportunity to discuss your individual needs and find out firsthand about what the practice has to offer. During this appointment, you will have a chance to meet our friendly team and take a look around the bright, welcoming practice. Feel free to ask us any questions that you may have and we will do our best to answer them.

For those patients who would simply like to register at Fresh and see Marcus and Lydia straight away, we offer a New Patient Assessment. This is an extended version of our 10 point clinical assessment which allows Marcus and Lydia to take very detailed records in order to build a dental history. It is also important here that Marcus and Lydia spend some time getting to know you as you become part of the Fresh family.

We also offer a complimentary consultation for patients who are interested in finding out more about implants, cosmetic dentistry, adult orthodontics or the Invisalign® systems we use.

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Existing Patients – 
fresh Assessments

When you become a patient at Fresh Dental Care, we will typically ask you to attend an oral examination twice a year. These vital appointments are more than just ‘check-ups’ in the traditional sense of the word. We believe that by focusing on prevention and being proactive, we can identify problems at the earliest stages or even stop them occurring altogether. Our 10-point clinical assessments give you added peace of mind about your oral health, and can prevent unnecessary discomfort and expenditure in the future.

Not ‘just a check up’
10-point clinical assessments

Your 10-point clinical assessments include:


Where necessary, we will take x-rays of your teeth so we can assess the health of the foundations of your current smile. We may also decide to take an OPG x-ray, which gives us a great overall view of what’s going on in your mouth as a whole.


Essential for treatment planning and a great communication tool to use with our laboratory when assessing facial shape and symmetry.


A thorough assessment of the health, function and appearance of your teeth and any existing restorations.

Tooth Checks

We will carry out an extensive gum assessment to assess again the foundation of your teeth. We may recommend a Hygienist programme after this and/or bespoke home care products.

Gum Health

Looking at and recording how your teeth meet and move across each other – this is important in terms of the function of any new restorations we may provide.

Bite Records

We assess your external jaw joints because the regular occurrence of headaches and migraines is often closely related to ‘bite’ issues.

Jaw Joint

We assess the health of tongue, cheeks and palate, and carry out a comprehensive Oral Cancer Screening at each consultation.

Internal Soft Tissue


We assess the glands around your neck and lips, noting facial profile and skin shade.

External Soft Tissue

We will discuss your existing diet and lifestyle, including factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption, which can affect the health of your teeth. We will also ask you about your general health and medication.


We always promise to listen to and understand your wants and needs. We believe that it’s important to get to know you, to build a sense of trust, in order to give you the care you need. These consultations give you plenty of time to relax and chat without feeling as though you’re on a conveyor belt.

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