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Are dental implants the solution for you?

Repairing or replacing a damaged tooth may be a difficult choice for patients to make. First, there is finding the right dental solution, next there is selecting the right service provider and finally, what for many patients will be quite a significant factor, is the cost of treatment.

At Fresh Dental Care, we look to tailored treatment plans that offer patients affordable and high-quality dental care, meeting their individual needs. Our dental practitioners hold professional dental qualifications and are vastly experienced in a diverse array of dental treatments and procedures including dental implants Maidstone.

Dental implants Maidstone has earned a reputation for offering patients a natural-looking, stable and functional option for damaged or missing adult teeth.

Why would patients opt for dental implants Maidstone? Read on to find out what makes tooth replacement implants worth the investment and why they may be right for you.

Puts your natural smile back together

In the past, one of the problems with artificial teeth was that they often didn’t look natural. With tooth replacement implants this is not the case as this dental tool replicates the exact look and feel of natural teeth. Patients can now smile wide with the confidence that no one else knows that they have had implants put in.

Dependable and stable

Here’s another great advantage of tooth replacement implants – they offer unrivalled stability and dependability that takes the patient’s confidence to the next level. The challenge and embarrassment of a device moving about the mouth or becoming ill-fitting is nullified as the implant is deeply embedded into the jawbone. Over time, once the healing period has completed, the metal implant root fuses into the jawbone to become a natural part of the mouth.

Gives your oral health a boost

We always encourage patients with damaged or lost teeth to consider an appropriate treatment to repair the damage or fill in the gap left. Damaged teeth leave a path open for bacteria and other nasty substances to reach vulnerable areas of the tooth, potentially causing further destruction.

Gaps in the dental arch also have adverse effects on oral health in that bacteria can hide in these spaces, creating an ideal environment in which they thrive and create oral health problems.

Another problem with these spaces left open is that it spells bad news for the jawbone which relies on teeth to provide stimulation for its growth. The metal roots of implants can provide this stimulation which keeps the jawbone healthy.

Easy to maintain

A significant feature of tooth replacement implants is that maintenance is simple. Patients will find that all they need to do is make good choices in terms of their dental health: brush and floss twice a day, eat a tooth-friendly diet and make sure to keep to scheduled dental checkups. This will also help to avoid bad lifestyle habits including smoking, grinding teeth and using teeth for other things apart from eating.

Learn more about implant dentistry at Fresh Dental Care and how it can help you attain a healthier and happier smile. All it takes is a simple call to our front desk to set up an appointment.