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Back to school – make sure your child’s teeth are healthy before the school year begins

It’s not too long before primary and secondary schools go back for Autumn term. With this in mind, have you thought about having your child’s dental hygiene checked over after the summer period?

During the summer period it’s likely that your child’s brushing and dental hygiene routine became disrupted and perhaps you had less of a view over the kinds of foods they were eating.

Here at Fresh we offer general check-ups for your child as well as hygienist appointments which fulfil a different purpose but are just as important. Whilst general check ups with the dentist assess the health of your child’s teeth, the hygienist can offer a deep clean of their teeth if they are suffering from surface stains as well as advice on cleaning techniques to parents and children alike. The dental hygienist can also advise on the types of food to eat and avoid in order to avoid cavities and fillings.

Examples of foods that are good for your child’s teeth:

  • Dairy products – dairy products have actually been proven to help your teeth and offer them strength. Dairy products lower the ph level in your mouth and in turn protect tooth enamel – a vital part of the tooth.

  • High-fibre veg – high fibre foods act like a deep clean of your teeth especially spinach, which is high in water and helps wash away unwanted food particles that linger in your mouth.

Examples to avoid:

  • Sticky confectionary – toffee and caramel-based confectionary in particular.

  • Chewy high starch food – bread and bagels.

  • Food and drink high in acid (fizzy drinks and citrus fruits) – the opposing side to dairy, food and drink high in acid makes the ph level in your mouth higher and thus renders your tooth enamel more susceptible to damage. Once our tooth enamel has worn away it cannot be restored and this is why regular check-ups are essential for young children who are establishing their brushing patterns and routine.

If you would like more information about check-ups for your child at Fresh, please do not hesitate to contact us.