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Behind the scenes...

Fresh Dental Care – behind the scenes …

Louise is our practice manager and, with Julie, our Treatment Coordinator, works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the practice day to day and also with an eye to our long term planning. Fresh Dental Care has a commitment to continual investment in up to date technology and staff training to ensure we can be confident we are able to provide the most modern, advanced treatments for the benefit of our patients.

We usually have many plates spinning at any one time and the key to managing this is really good team communication … so every day starts with a team ‘huddle’ where everyone meets, usually with a coffee, to review the day ahead and ensure everyone knows exactly what is planned for the day.

There are several people working with us that you wouldn’t usually see, our technicians in the laboratories (although its not unknown for them to join us for our larger dental implant cases), various advisors and mentors, all working towards continually achieving our goals of providing caring customer service and high quality dental care in Maidstone.

Louise and Julie often take a moment out to chat informally about the practice, any treatment that maybe being considered and showing new patients around the practice. Please let us know if you’d like more information!

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