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CEREC magic – crowns in a single day…..

Here at Fresh, we like to be able to offer our patients state-of-the art technology as we believe our patients deserve the best standard of treatment.

What are the benefits of CEREC crowns?

  • Digital impressions for CEREC crowns – here at Fresh we no longer use uncomfortable alginate impressions and instead, opt for comfortable, hassle-free digital impressions. We have found that many patients are very glad of the digital system as alginate impressions can often induce a gag-reflex – we appreciate that this is not particularly pleasant!

  • Custom-created – CEREC crowns are made to fit your exact tooth structure and we take your hair, skin and eye colour into account when creating your bespoke crown.

  • Speedy solution – The whole crowning process is completed in a single appointment, from creation of the crown, to applying the finishing touches, to fitting the crown.

  • CEREC allows us to create

  • Long-lasting solution – Research has shown that CEREC crowns have a 95.5% survival rate after 10 years and 84% after 18 years, so you know you’re investing in a long-term solution for your dental health.

  • Time-saving – if you have a busy schedule and are reluctant to have a restoration fitted due to the commitment involved where appointments are concerned, CEREC is the solution for you. You only have to commit to one appointment, which will include you having impressions taken, choosing the properties of the crown with your dentist, having the crown milled onsite and having the crown fitted.

  • Highest levels of precision – the CEREC system is highly efficient and accurate. The technology captures a 3D image of your teeth and is sent to the on-site milling machine which then shapes and cuts the restoration from a high quality block of ceramic with your exact tooth proportions in mind.

  • Provide natural function – CEREC crowns restore the function of a real tooth – you won’t notice the difference between your CEREC restoration and your existing teeth!

  • CEREC makes use of biocompatible metal-free materials – CEREC crowns are made from ceramic porcelain that is highly compatible with your body and very unlikely to be rejected, as opposed to restorations that use metal.

If you would like more information about same day CEREC crowns at Fresh Dental, please get in touch with us today.