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Considering implants? Here’s what you should know about them

Although most common in older people, teeth loss affects people across all age groups and must be attended to promptly.

Teeth restoration devices such as bridges and dentures have achieved resounding successes in restoring an individual’s confidence in their smiles and preventing gummy mouths.

That said, these devices fall short in a couple of areas, which is why we like recommending dental implants in Maidstone to our clients who want excellent, problem-free, and longer-lasting contraptions.

We’ll unpack what implants are, how they’ll benefit you, and how they work in this article. For more information, give our clinic, Fresh Dental Care, a ring.

A brief overview of dental implants in Maidstone

An implant is a tiny screw sized metal rod that fits inside your jaw bone at the site being treated. Not just any metal, implants consist of titanium which contains compounds tolerated by the body.

Over time, surrounding bone tissue grows over the metal during recovery in a biological process called osseointegration. This phenomenon binds metal and tissue together, thus securing the implant in place.

How do implants work?

Implants do more than filling gaps between teeth. Rejuvenating bone and preventing further teeth loss is a critical function implants perform.

Implants are strategically drilled into place at the site of the old tooth’s. Its function is to act as the root of the new tooth and securely hold it in place.

Are implants painful?

You may feel anxious about having implant surgery. However, since anaesthesia is administered, you won’t feel pain during implant placement. You might experience some discomfort once the medication fades. However, this tenderness can be managed with analgesics.

How long will I have to wait before I can flaunt my new teeth?

Treatment spans over a couple of months, from an initial consultation with us, through to the final stage, artificial tooth placement. Although results aren’t immediate, the long wait is worthwhile, considering that you’ll gain a tooth that functions well and can’t be distinguished from a real tooth.

How should I know if dental implants in Maidstone are right for me?

It doesn’t matter if you have a single knocked-out tooth or multiple teeth missing, teeth implants could be right for you.

You’ll also need enough bone lodge implants, or be able and willing to undergo bone grafts if you don’t.

Healthy oral tissue and being healthy overall is crucial. Any gum diseases must be treated before teeth implants may be considered.

If you’ve worn dentures for years and looking for a change, implants might be the solution for which you’ve been searching.

Lastly, since implants include several procedures, consultations, and checkups, you must be willing to commit to several months to this process.

Are there risks involved to get implants?

The percentage of implants failing is small. However, if the body rejects the implant, you might experience symptoms of this occurring.

Infection to the site, damaging to surrounding teeth structures and nerve damage are other potential health issues experienced by a minimal number of patients.