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Dental hygiene: fresher breath, healthier smile

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your breath? It’s possible your dental hygiene routine could be lacking. Here are a few reasons why taking dental hygiene seriously is essential to your oral health and indeed, your overall health.

Build up of plaque and tartar

Brushing and flossing regularly is paramount in helping you to avoid an unhealthy amount of plaque and tartar, which is bacteria that cannot be removed through brushing alone. A certain build up of plaque and tartar is inevitable, however failing to remove this over time can lead to gum disease. Visits to the dental hygienist are the only way to remove such bacteria and will actually result in your teeth looking healthier also.

Boost your confidence

A build up of tartar and plaque can make your smile appear unhealthy and put you off exposing your teeth to smile around others. By maintaining good oral hygiene, you can feel good about your smile day-to-day.

Poor dental hygiene will affect any future treatments you wish to undergo

Should you wish to have certain cosmetic and orthodontic treatments performed, you will need to have an adequate level of dental hygiene – you do not want to have to wait for a period of months or possibly even years until your teeth are healthy enough to undergo the treatment you desire.

Maintaining good oral hygiene prevents bad breath

Failing to brush and floss correctly to remove lingering food particles can lead to bad breath if these particles are allowed to stay for lengthy periods. This can be a source of embarrassment that can be easily avoided by maintaining healthy gums. If you are unsure about the correct techniques where brushing and flossing are concerned, please do not hesitate to ask your dentist here at Fresh – many patients find that they are brushing for the correct time and do not understand why their teeth and gums are not as healthy as they should be. This is often down to technique and your dental hygienist here at Fresh can help you apply an effective brushing technique.

Dental hygiene is much to do with prevention as once your tooth enamel is worn, it is impossible to restore it. With this in mind, it is paramount that you attend regular dental hygiene appointments, even if you have no obvious concerning symptoms of poor oral hygiene.

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