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Dental implants; advantages of these restoratives

Curious if there are any advantages to having oral implants fitted?

At Fresh Dental Care, our team has fitted many dental implants Maidstone and knows first-hand how beneficial these restoratives can be.

In this short guide, we will look at how having dental implants Maidstone can help improve your life. So, read on to learn more!

Better hygiene

Dental implants Maidstone conceal gaps in your mouth that could act as magnets for decay and gum disease to set in and potentially damage the natural surrounding teeth.

Not only that but implants are easy to care for; you simply brush and floss them as you would your natural teeth. So, better and easier hygiene to maintain all round!

Better smile

Implants provide you with a more natural-looking smile.

The prosthetics (or the crowns that are attached to the implants) can be colour and shape matched to blend in with any natural teeth in your mouth. Or, if you are opting for an entire denture set, the prosthetics can be any shade, colour or shape you desire, so you can get your full-on Hollywood smile if you wish to!

The point is that the teeth look natural and as they are made from a metal composite mix, they are hardy too.

Better security

When you have missing teeth, you probably want a permanent solution (or the closest thing to it) that will not be unpredictable. And by unpredictable, we mean you probably don’t want teeth that will move of their own accord when you are talking, eating or laughing!

Implants offer that security; they are affixed to the jaw and over 3-6 months, they fuse to it. This holds them firmly in place and allows our team to attach the prosthetic tooth or teeth to them, so you won’t have to worry about movement, rubbing or them falling out of your mouth.

Better digestion

Teeth are important for more than simply having a great smile; they are essential for the correct breakdown of food.

If you have missing teeth, it is harder for the teeth that remain to grip and grind down food, meaning that larger pieces of food hit your stomach. The body responds to this with the production of excess stomach acid, which can lead to acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn and even malnutrition.

Implants are held in place and enable you to grind food correctly, leading to fewer gastrointestinal issues.

Better sleep

This is a point that puzzles a lot of patients who ask us about oral implants; how can they improve how much sleep you get?

Well, when you have a tooth or teeth missing, particularly molars, it can cause the upper and lower jaws to slide against each other when you are sleeping; there are no teeth that can lock together and hold them both in place, meaning that any teeth you have may grind together.

Therefore, you may wake up with a headache, stiff neck, migraine or may even experience recurrent episodes of feeling as though you haven't slept very well. Having implants fitted can aid this issue, by allowing the jaws to hold together and reduce nocturnal grinding that can lead to these problems.