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Did you know dental implants can be used to replace just one tooth?

Many people consider getting dental implants in Maidstone for a variety of reasons, but not a lot of people are aware that tooth implants can be used to replace just one missing tooth. More often than not, people will neglect to replace a singular tooth and suffer in silence, as they do not think their situation is “bad enough” to get treatment. At Fresh Dental Care we can easily replace a single missing tooth and do not want any of our patients to be unsatisfied because of a gap in their smile. People can lose a tooth for all sorts of reasons, such as tooth decay or in a sporting injury. Whatever the reason for your missing tooth, do not hesitate to book a consultation appointment with us to discuss how this treatment could benefit you. Our dental team will be on hand to explain the treatment in full to you, answering any questions that you have before you make your final decision.

A crown to complete your smile

When people get dental implants in Maidstone they will generally have two appointments after their initial consultation. At the first appointment they will have a small titanium screw inserted into their jawbone that acts as the root of their missing tooth. One of the main benefits of this treatment is that it keeps your jawbone stimulated after losing a tooth, preventing it from disintegrating over time. Once the screw has been placed you will need to allow time for your gum to heal around it. After the required healing time you will be left with a small post protruding from your gum, which is what your new tooth will be fixed to. At your second appointment your dental practitioner will be able to attach a crown to your tooth implant, completing your smile. This crown is made to look and feel exactly like your original teeth, and you will no longer need to worry about smiling without showing off your teeth or chewing awkwardly on one side of your mouth.

Replacing several teeth is just as simple

If you have multiple teeth missing or wish to upgrade from your current removable dentures then having dental implants in Maidstone could still be for you. Replacing several teeth or an entire set is just as easy as a single tooth and uses exactly the same method, but you will need more screws inserted into your jawbone to support your new teeth. However, you will not necessarily require one screw per tooth as they are capable of supporting multiple teeth. A whole set of teeth can be replaced by using as little as four screws, but in some cases you can need up to twelve. The appliances that are attached to the screws are also different when replacing multiple teeth. A bridge is used to replace a few teeth either next to each other or on either side of a remaining original tooth, whilst partial or full dentures are used to replace a majority or all of your teeth.