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Digital impressions – how they have changed dentistry forever

Here at Fresh we’ve waved goodbye to uncomfortable alginate impressions and now carry out all impressions digitally, which has brought about a whole host of benefits for patient and dentist alike.

What is a dental impression?

A dental impression is an imprint of a patient’s tooth, taken to create cosmetic restorations and orthodontic appliances. Impressions can also be used for analysis and general study.

Traditional impressions involve a dentist placing a cast into your mouth, to which a thick liquid impression material — alginate, commonly made from seaweed extract — is applied to obtain a cast of your teeth.

What are the benefits of digital impressions over alginate impressions?

  • Minimal discomfort for patients – alginate impressions can be uncomfortable for patients, often inducing a gag reflex. Many people (especially those who are dental phobic), put off undergoing the treatment they need because of the discomfort they have previously experienced when having alginate impressions taken. As digital impressions are a simple scan of your teeth, there is no need for your dentist to use the impression material that makes alginate impressions so uncomfortable for patients.

  • Increased accuracy – when patients suffer a gag reflex this can jeopardise the accuracy of the impression (through no fault of their own!), and warrant the need to take them again. Digital impressions are taken with a thin, lightweight piece of equipment that fits more comfortably in the patient’s mouth, putting the patient at ease and producing a more accurate impression.

  • Streamlines the overall impressions process – digital workflow allows your dentist and dental technician to communicate more effectively and directly. For example, if there are any issues with the scan, this can promptly be addressed as opposed to waiting a few days. If there are any issues with the initial scan, it is easy to simply scan over the area that may have been missed, without the need to use time, effort, and resources reapplying the impression material.

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