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DIscovering Dental Implants Maidstone

Tooth loss.

When you lose a tooth, whether through an accident or due to ongoing dental issues, it is important that the tooth is restored or replenished rather than left in the hope it heals. For some, the missing tooth or teeth may seem unimportant, especially as you have quite a few more available. However, what they do not consider is the impact on the surrounding teeth, gums and in time facial definition.

When a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth can in time begin to slant towards the gap causing problems with the surrounding teeth. The jaw bone where the tooth once was will begin to recede and with the shift of the surrounding teeth, in time further loss of tooth and as a result bone structure can begin to occur. The domino effect on the teeth will not only cosmetically impact your appearance but will also cause difficulties with food consumption as the bite will change and a variety of foods may need to be avoided ongoing.

How can further damage be avoided?

Once the tooth or multiple teeth are lost it is important to contact your dental team promptly. This will then set a series of events in motion, first will be the appointment to discuss what has happened followed by a thorough examination of the area. From there it will be to discuss the possible options available to restore or replenish your teeth and this is where Dental Implant Maidstone may be introduced to you.

What are they?

Dental Implants Maidstone are small titanium screws or posts which are inserted into the jawbone as a stable pillar for tooth replacement. Through the insertion of the implant, the surrounding bone structure regenerates around the post securing it into place. Once healed, a permanent tooth replacement can be attached and where your smile may have had gaps previously, the appearance of your beautiful smile will be restored which in turn could boost your self-esteem.

Can anyone have Dental Implants?

When deciding on a treatment or procedure, the most important aspect to discover is whether it is suited to your individual case. Whilst most treatments, including Dental Implants Maidstone, are flexible, there are physical aspects that may hinder the process or require alternatives. For instance, for implants to succeed it is important that there is a substantial bone structure within the jaw so as to have the implant inserted. If the oral hygiene routine has not been on top form by the patient, it may be that the gums and bone are not able to support the implant and therefore an alternative method may need to be discovered. This alternative can vary between having a more extensive treatment where a section of bone is removed from the cheek and placed within the jaw, or it may be that a completely different solution to the tooth loss will be needed. All of this will be discussed by your dental team and a variety of options will always be presented to you and discussed.

All patients are encouraged to seek further information and advice on any treatments and procedures mentioned within this article so that they fully understand any risks that may occur during or after treatment.