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Fillings – all you need to know

Do you have an old filling that looks a little poor on the aesthetic side? Today, practices can offer aesthetic fillings that blend in with the shade of your teeth.

Perhaps you need a filling and you want to find the most cosmetic option? Don’t worry – we can help.

What are fillings for?

Fillings offer patients style and strength and will help reduce the possibility of increased spread of damage and decay. A cavity is allowed to form when bacteria pierces through your tooth enamel and infection is then allowed to spread.

It’s not all about replacing a cosmetically-poor fillings…

Do you have an amalgam filling that is located at the back of the mouth where others can’t particularly see it? There are still good reasons to replace amalgam such as the fact that they are prone to damage and turn a dark shade very easily.

Mercury-free fillings

Fresh Dental strongly believe in green practice and therefore believe that amalgams that contain mercury should not be used or distributed back into the entrainment.

We choose to use tooth-coloured composite fillings and ceramic restorations. These type of materials offer a better cosmetic result and do not cause sensitivity when you eat hot and cold food and drink. Your dentist here at Fresh will create them to match the shade of your natural teeth.

What is involved in the procedure?

Having a filling is a very straightforward procedure. Firstly your damaged tooth will be prepared by removing any decayed tissues from the cavity. You and your dentist will choose the most appropriate shade of white to suit the rest of your teeth and this will then be layered into the cavity and set. The filling will be left to set and any minor amendments will be made once it is in place.

A further advantage associated with composite fillings is that they do not require very much of your tooth matter to be removed, so more of your existing tooth is maintained.

If you would like more information about fillings at Fresh, please do not hesitate to contact us.