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Get a complete smile with dental implants Maidstone, so you can smile again

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable with your incomplete smile that is a result of missing teeth? Even if you wear dentures, there can be problems that arise with these that leave you feeling embarrassed on social occasions, fearful that you might lose your teeth in the middle of dinner!

Well, dental implants Maidstone might very well be the solution to these problems, and more! By securing replacement teeth to your jawbone itself, eliminating the issues that can be a reality for many whose replacement teeth simply sit on their gums.

If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure, then ask about dental implants Maidstone to find out whether you are viable for this innovative and life-changing treatment plan, designed to improve the quality of life of those people who want to carry on with life even after experiencing the loss of teeth.

How can people lose their teeth?

There are many, unique reasons as to why people experience tooth loss so the approach to caring for one’s smile also needs to be just as unique. With regular, oral health care, you are able to reduce the instance that teeth are lost as a result of poor health, which can have compounding issues for one’s general health and wellbeing as well.

By brushing and flossing teeth regularly and by seeing a dentist at least twice a year for an examination and a professional clean, the buildup of plaque and tartar caused by an excess of bacteria in the mouth can be reduced, which in turn reduces cavities in teeth, as this is the leading cause of tooth loss.

Other factors also play a part as well, such as genetics for poor quality teeth and injury. Many people year after year present to their dentist with damaged or completely avulsed teeth as a result of a sporting accident or a general injury.

This is an unfortunate reality of life and it is simply great that a solution such as dental implants Maidstone is available to allow such people to not suffer the detrimental effects of such an incident for life.

Can you really forget that you’ve lost a tooth with this treatment?

Of course, this might be impossible for some, but because of the way that this treatment works, a person can comfortably carry on with life as normal having received this treatment in a way that is far more natural than with any other tooth-replacement treatment out there.

This is because the tooth is actually implanted into the jaw bone, essentially replacing the tooth root and is guaranteed to remain there for several decades. A patient is therefore unlikely to need to face further treatment as they age and can eat and chew with confidence, knowing that their replaced tooth or teeth will be able to face the same kind of treatment that their natural teeth are also capable of handling.

For more information about this treatment, get in touch with your local dentist to see whether you can enjoy the benefits that this treatment can provide.