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Get your summer smile with custom tooth whitening at Fresh Dental

We’re now officially into British Summer Time and with the sunny weather only a short few months away, you might be thinking about looking your best for all those big summer events. Professional tooth whitening is a custom treatment that produces excellent and long-lasting results – read on to find out about the process and benefits.

Be confident about your smile

A discoloured smile can leave your feeling lacking in confidence and reluctant to smile in photos and around friends. Having a professional whitening treatment can make a huge difference to your confidence levels and self-esteem.

Have a healthier and younger-looking smile

Tooth whitening produces amazing aesthetic results, but did you know that a professional whitening can also give you a healthier smile? A scale and polish treatment is included as part of the procedure, removing surface stains in the form of plaque and tartar and giving your teeth a smile a healthy new start before the whitening element has even begun.

Benefit from a custom treatment

Professional tooth whitening performed by someone with medical credentials is 100% safe; please note that having this type of treatment performed by a beauty therapist or other unqualified person(s) carries a great element of risk. This is because the trays used are not created for your exact tooth structure, which presents the risk of the whitening agent leaking over onto your gums. Here at Fresh we take digital impressions of your teeth in order to create whitening trays that are a perfect fit for your teeth.

Long-lasting effects

The effects of tooth whitening can last up to 2 years and subsequent treatment will lay a foundation to increase this time frame.

The process behind tooth whitening

  • During an initial consultation with your dentist here at Fresh you will discuss your expectations of treatment. Your dentist will take factors such as your skin, eye, hair, and natural tooth shade into account before creating your custom whitening trays.

  • Your dentist will take accurate impressions of your teeth – this will be done digitally as opposed to using the traditional alginate system; we are one of the few practices in the Maidstone area to offer digital impressions.

  • These impressions will be used as the basis for the design of your whitening trays, which you will take home and use to apply the whitening agent.

If you would like more information about cosmetic dental treatment at Fresh, please do not hesitate to contact us.