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Have you been trying to find out more about Invisalign?

Making the decision to undergo teeth straightening treatment can be a large one, and one that you do not want to get wrong. Choosing the wrong appliance can result in years of discomfort, which is why we are here at Fresh Dental Care to make sure you are well informed about the decision that you are making. Most people want to opt for a discreet, comfortable appliance but are just not sure what treatment would provide them with these qualities. If this sounds like you, then we would recommend that it is time for you to find out more information about Invisalign in Maidstone. This treatment consists of clear, plastic aligners that are both removable and comfortable, but there is much more to know about this teeth straightening treatment before you get started.

They may be removable, but they need to be worn

A lot of people choose to have Invisalign in Maidstone because they find the fact that these plastic aligners are entirely removable a very attractive concept. However, this being said, you should not choose to have this treatment if you do not plan on wearing your aligners properly. They can be taken out for up to two hours a day for things like brushing your teeth, eating meals or smiling for that important photo. For the remaining twenty-two hours of the day you must ensure that your aligners are being worn, as otherwise your treatment will not work efficiently. Another feature these appliances offer is their short treatment time. Whilst most traditional appliances will be permanently fixed to your teeth for around two years, these aligners are capable of straightening your teeth in as little as six to twelve months, depending on your individual circumstances.

No need to worry about metallic smiles

Many people refrain from undergoing straightening treatment as adults because they feel that they are “too old” to carry off the appearance of metal appliances successfully. Opting to have Invisalign in Maidstone eradicates this issue too, as they are made of a completely clear plastic material. Their transparency results in a teeth straightening treatment that people cannot generally spot unless they already know that you are undergoing treatment, meaning you do not need to feel self-conscious when you are in public. Your speech should not be impacted when you wear your appliance either, as the thin nature of the appliance’s material means you should barely notice it’s there.

All of your aligners will be custom made for you and fit snugly over the tops of your own teeth. At your consultation appointment you will have a 3D image taken of your mouth, this will show the current positions that your teeth are in. More images will then be produced to show how your teeth need to move over time to reach their final positions. Generally you will have a set of aligners for each stage of movement. If your appliances are not comfortable or do not fit properly it is important not to force them on. Instead, consult your practitioner and they will be able to try and resolve your issues for you.