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Have you heard of dental implants in Maidstone?

If you have lost any of your natural teeth, then chances are you have heard about dental implants in Maidstone. This treatment is popular with both dentists and patients alike because of the reliability and durability of the result, enabling individuals both young and old to appreciate and enjoy full functionality of their teeth again.

It is only once you have lost one of your teeth to you truly begin to recognise the importance of having a complete, strong smile. Unfortunately, for some of us, it is a little too late by this stage and we must constantly work on maintaining the teeth’s condition whereas before we might have been in a more advantageous position of preventing deterioration to occur.

But never fear! Dental implants in Maidstone is a treatment that restores health, strength and function to your smile and can be adapted to suit the many different needs of our patients.

What different kinds of people can enjoy this treatment?

If you have lost a single tooth in your youth, because of an accident for example and were unable to save it at the time, this treatment is a brilliant way for you to be able to restore the appearance and function of your smile and enjoy it for decades to come without needing to consider additional restorative treatment.

There are other options out there but, unfortunately, they are not as durable and over the course of your life you will need to consider restoring or replacing your false tooth, making dental implants in Maidstone an affordable option in the long run.

For those older individuals who believe that longevity is not a huge factor of concern for them, the reliability of the product cannot be compared. Implants are used to stabilise dentures, ensuring that there are no more embarrassing moments where false teeth fall out, or painful experiences where dentures rub and slip in the mouth.

This stabilisation treatment works by inserting 4 titanium implants into your mouth; two on your top arch and two on your lower arch and attaching a set of dentures to them. You can remove your dentures when you want to, but when they are clipped in, they will remain there.

A single tooth or even multiple adjacent teeth can be replaced with a single implant, where a bridge can be permanently attached to the titanium rod. Titanium is used in all instances because this material is known to bond with the jaw bone, creating that secure and long lasting result that we are so proud to provide our patients.

With a 98% success rate, our patients young and old can benefit from knowing that replacing their teeth is effective, simple and safe. With no upper age limit and minimal restrictions on who can have the treatment, we urge you to consider this option if you have any missing teeth, so that you can experience having a fully functional smile again.

Some people who have underlying health or bone conditions may find that they need to control these before continuation. We will discuss with you your personal situation upon consultation with us.