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How can Dental Implants in Maidstone restore my smile?

Losing or damaging a tooth or multiple teeth can knock your confidence completely but Dental Implants in Maidstone can help.

So what is meant by a dental implant?

When dentists discuss Dental Implants in Maidstone they are referring to small titanium cylinder screws that are fitted into the jaw bone. Once the screw is in place a permanent tooth or a set of teeth can be attached to the implant creating a beautiful new restoration. This particular method creates a firm, solid base allowing the restoration to appear and feel completely natural whilst providing a sense of stability.

I am not sure about the treatment, what will happen if I leave the gaps where my teeth used to be?

Our team at Fresh Dental Care understand that some treatments and procedures sound invasive and highly uncomfortable. However, rest assured this is not necessarily the case and whilst minimal discomfort may occur, to begin with, the aim is to provide you with teeth that appear and feel natural. Your comfort as our patient from start to finish is a top priority.

When a tooth is knocked out there are a number of potential issues which may arise as a result. For example:

1. The bone structure can deplete and in time a sunken appearance to the face can occur. Your facial definition could therefore potentially alter over time.

2. Another potential side effect is that the natural bite is affected and therefore certain foods would have to be avoided. We are not saying that you would need to eat soup forever but certain food products which are extremely tough to chew could become an issue and in turn, cause you to avoid them.

3. The majority of the population take speech for granted, but with the reduction of teeth this can cause articulation issues and what was once second nature can become a problem.

4. Due to the potential side effects mentioned above to tooth loss along with the physical appearance of the gaps that will be in place, a major impact can be that of self-esteem.

Confidence in your smile and ability to articulate words is something which does not need to deplete and therefore with the modern-day treatments and procedures there is no need to leave gaps or have problems further down the line because of tooth loss.

We at Fresh Dental Care, understand that making the decision to have any dental procedure is a big decision. So that you can feel comfortable in our hands and know that Dental Implants in Maidstone are the right choice for you, we offer a free consultation with our treatment coordinator. That way any questions about the process or aftercare can be addressed and you can hopefully feel fully informed of how the procedure will be carried out. Our main priority is to have you, our client, feeling as comfortable as possible.

Please note as with all treatments and procedures there are potential risks and therefore we recommend discussing any mentioned in this article with your local dental team.