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How facial aesthetics treatments and cosmetic dental treatment go hand in hand……

Are you thinking about having cosmetic dentistry or facial aesthetics treatments? Why not combine them to get the best out of each treatment? 

Here at Fresh we offer dermal fillers and Botox treatment as well as the following cosmetic dental treatments:The cosmetics of your smile is not just limited to your teeth and facial aesthetics can be used to add volume and eradicate wrinkles around the eyes, nose and deep lines across other areas of the face. Here at Fresh we understand that every patient’s needs is different and your treatment will be bespoke and in line with your expectations and desires. 

  • Dental implants 

  • Tooth whitening 

  • CEREC crowns

  • Veneers

  • Certain orthodontic procedures.  

A couple of popular combinations of facial aesthetic treatments combine with cosmetic dental treatments include:

  • Veneers and tooth whitening with dermal fillers or Botox.  

  • CEREC crowns with dermal filler and Botox. 

What is the role of Botox and Dermal fillers? 

Botox is used to eradicate unwanted wrinkles and lines on the face to restore a more youthful-looking appearance whilst dermal fillers treat static lines and add volume to the features you would like to target. Both of these treatments should only ever be carried out by a medically trained individual and it is unsafe to seek facial aesthetics treatments from unqualified beauty therapists. These are non-surgical and minimally-invasive treatments with no recovery period associated to them. You can walk into our practice here in Maidstone and leave 30 minutes later having benefitted from a safe and effective treatment that is a superior alternative to cosmetic surgery, offering predictable results. 

Fresh Dental can make your choice of facial aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry treatment work in perfect harmony and give you back your confidence – you may find that the biggest chance you notice is improved wellbeing. 

Smile makeover 

We also offer smile makeovers – more than one cosmetic dental treatment to enhance your smile. A smile makeover is bespoke and your dentist will take your skin colour, eye colour, shape of your lips and nose and certain other characteristics into account in order to recommend the best cosmetic procedure for you depending on your expectations of treatment. 

If you would like more information about the treatments we offer here at Fresh, please do not hesitate to get in touch.