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How veneers started in Hollywood and the process behind treatment

Veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available, but where did they first come from? Their story is fascinating, beginning in none other than Hollywood! Read on to find out about how veneers have evolved to become what they are today. 

The story of how veneers were born…

Before the existence of veneers, if your tooth surface became damaged you would either have to leave it as it was or have it filled. This changed when Californian dentist Charles Pincus invented temporary veneers for Hollywood film stars to use when they were on screen; the legendary phrase ‘Hollywood Smile’ is said to have been born from Pinus’s veneers.

It became apparent that with some improvements, veneers could be used in mainstream dentistry to treat decaying, discoloured, widely spaced and cracked teeth. The main issue with early veneers was that they were not designed to bond with teeth for long – film stars only needed them to last for the duration of the production.

The concept of etching was introduced by Dr Michael Buonocore in 1959; this is the process of removing some of the tooth in order for it to fit amongst a patient’s existing teeth, ensuring that the veneer does not exceed these teeth in thickness.

In 1982  – 52 years after veneers were first developed – research showed that porcelain veneers could be etched using hydrofluoric acid, allowing for permanent bonding to the tooth. Subsequent design improvements and changes in the types of materials used mean that today’s veneers can last up to 30 years if properly looked after.

Why choose veneers to improve the look and function of a tooth?

Veneers can help reverse discolouration or damage that has been sustained due to simple wear and tear or as a result of lifestyle choices such as smoking, consuming certain foods, or failing to brush properly.

Veneers offer a bespoke solution to a damaged tooth, as they are specially created to match the shade and shape of your existing teeth; this is achieved by taking accurate impressions of your teeth. Offering a natural aesthetic result, patients find that veneers treatment dramatically improves their confidence, giving them back their desire to smile.

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