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Let the discrete power of Invisalign in Maidstone realign your possibilities

Clearly something different

At Fresh Dental Care we’re all about moving with the times. Since we first established our dental practice, we have always strived to provide our patients with the most up-to-date and innovative dental procedures.

We’ve found that by employing new and emerging dental treatments, we can help patients harness the real power of their smiles, and providing Invisalign in Maidstone is testimony to precisely that.

In the past, those who had crooked or poorly aligned teeth were often left with two options:

  1. Re-align their smiles through clearly-visible metallic braces.

  2. Refrain from seeking out any treatment at all.

However, nowadays, through seeking out Invisalign in Maidstone through us here at Fresh Dental Care, a third option is available:

Re-align your smile, without attracting any attention to yourself in the process.

What is Invisalign in Maidstone?

Anyone who hasn’t heard about Invisalign may be surprised to hear that the system aligns crooked and out of place teeth, without needing anything to be bonded to the patient's teeth.

Instead, dental alignment is achieved through a transparent, custom-made dental retainer. Each of these retainers is moulded around the patient’s unique dental shape and uses built-in pressure points inside it to force the specific missing teeth.

As the retainer is constructed using a transparent plastic and is made to cover their teeth entirely, it becomes practically invisible when it is worn!

In addition to this, the Invisalign retainer can be taken out whenever the patient chooses, which allows for a more considerable amount of freedom that few other orthodontic treatments can compare with.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

While the cosmetic advantages of the Invisalign method may speak volumes in themselves, they are not the only benefits:

  • Speed: Generally, patients must wear metallic braces for the treatment length, which often lasts as long as 12 months. Invisalign, however, can often achieve visible results far faster than this and through a more simple method.

  • Comfort: Another defining benefit of Invisalign over conventional orthodontics is the comfortability of the treatment. Nothing is ever bonded to any part of the patient’s teeth, because the retainer is made from durable yet still malleable plastic, it is considered a more comfortable treatment method.

  • Cleanliness: Again, as Invisalign is a non-invasive orthodontic treatment, it makes maintaining your teeth far easier than with fused braces. This means that patients can brush and floss freely during Invisalign treatment, whereas with metallic braces, this is often more difficult. This, in turn, leads to Invisalign reducing a patient’s risk of developing gum disease during their treatment.

How can I get Invisalign?

If your teeth are misplaced, and you are interested in finding out your cosmetic orthodontic options, the first step always starts with a consultation.

Here at Fresh Dental Care, we believe in working the treatment around the patient’s needs, rather than the other way around.

This means that we start every treatment with a thorough examination of the patient’s oral health. This lets us establish what each patient's options are and whether any preventative dentistry treatments are required beforehand.