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Might dental implants in Maidstone return the strength to your smile?

Something to smile about

Here at Fresh Dental Care, it has always been the aim of our dental practice to give patient's something to smile about - and choosing dental implants in Maidstone can give you the confidence to do exactly that!

Sadly, however, for many who have visibly missing teeth, this can often prove difficult (if not impossible) because people are embarrassed about exposing spaces within their smiles.

While facemasks may get you so far, and treatments such as dentures and crowns can be effective enough for some, nothing compares to dental implants in Maidstone in regards to strength and endurance.

What are dental implants in Maidstone?

Dental implants are fundamentally different from other forms of cosmetic dental treatments for missing teeth for one primary reason.

Unlike dentures or crowns, dental implants are surgically embedded inside of the actual bone structure of the patient’s jaw.

This means that they are far sturdier and stronger, and thus let patients enjoy them to a far greater extent than other treatments - whilst still appearing identical and indistinguishable from their natural teeth!

At Fresh Dental Care we encourage anyone who has lost a tooth to consider dental implant treatment. Aside from all of the cosmetic implications that missing teeth can bring, having a missing space in your mouth can also lead to a number of long-term dental and health issues.

Implants, however, provide a permanent solution which rarely requires further treatment after they have been installed, and are often so comfortable that patients eventually forget they have them at all!

How do I get dental implants?

If you’re missing one or more teeth - despite when you lost them - it is always advised that you speak to a dentist such as ours about your implant options.

Despite the effectiveness of dental implants in restoring a patient's smiles, the treatment is not for everyone. For example, those who have underlying problems such as decay or periodontal disease, might have to deal with these before implants can be installed effectively.

This is why anyone who seeks dental implants from us at Fresh Dental Care must first undergo a friendly consultation. This lets our dental experts determine the extent of the treatment that is needed, their current dental health, and what treatments they could be eligible for. This also lets the patient detail what they are looking for - and why.

If the patient is deemed eligible for dental implant treatment, however, the process of installing them is rather simple:

1. First, a small hole is made into the patient's jawbone within the gap where the implant or implants are to be fixed.

2. Into this hole, the practitioner then places a titanium-alloy socket, before closing the hole and leaving it to heal. Titanium-alloy is called upon specifically within this treatment because it can uniquely fuse itself with human bone tissue.

3. After the socket and bone tissue have merged together during this short healing period, the dental practitioner can then fix a denture into the socket which is now permanently merged within the patient's jaw. As dental implants are attached in a way which is fundamentally the same as a natural tooth, they are found to be incredibly comfortable.

If you are interested in finding out more about dental implants, arrange a consultation with us here at Fresh Dental Care and we do everything we can to put a full and healthy smile on your face!