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Myths about dental implants debunked

When you have missing teeth in your mouth, it can be a bit of a headache finding the correct solution for yourself.

If you have looked online for a permanent solution to missing teeth, you have probably stumbled across oral implants; permanent fixtures which are placed in your jaw and allow you to bite into and chew food better. But you may have also heard a few mistruths about this option.

At Fresh Dental Care, we have heard our fair share of tall tales about all things related to dental implants Maidstone. As leading providers of this remarkable restorative treatment, we have helped many of our patients to make the right choice about their dental care, starting with if this treatment is right for them. And we can help you decide too!

But is there any truth behind the myths? Here, our team debunks 5 of the most common myths people read about dental implants Maidstone to help you better understand the procedure.

Myth 1 - the fitting is painful

It isn’t!

When our team at Fresh Dental fits dental implants Maidstone, we will always ensure that your mouth is completely numbed beforehand. If you notice any sensation while we are working, please alert us so we can apply more local anaesthetic.

Myth 2 - the site will get infected

It is unlikely that an implant will become infected; in fact, this occurs in fewer than 1% of cases.

But it is always wise to be aware of what an oral implant infection can look like. If you notice abnormal swelling, discolouration, the presence of pus around the site, feel unwell, have a fever or if there is an unpleasant taste or odour in your mouth, then please contact our team for an urgent appointment.

Myth 3 - oral implants fall out

It is exceedingly rare that oral implants fall out. And if they do, it is usually in the first few weeks after they have been fitted as they have not fused with the jawbone.

However, if you notice that your oral implant feels wobbly, is visibly wobbling in the mirror or is hurting when you put pressure on it, then you should book an emergency appointment with our team.

Myth 4 - they are too expensive

Many patients worry that oral implants will be too pricey for them. As a result, they avoid asking our team about them when they may have been suitable and affordable all along!

When you come to Fresh Dental Care, we can offer 0% interest finance for suitable patients, which will help you to break down the cost over many months.

To find out if you are eligible for this, please ask our team for more details.

Myth 5 - you can be too old for oral implants

Technically, you can be too young for oral implants.

Provided you are over the age of 18, have good general health, good oral health and enough jawbone, chances are you will be suitable for oral implants.

During the consultation, we will check these factors with an assessment, an X-ray and maybe even a CT scan. If we detect something that may cause an issue, we will look into fitting a different restorative.