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Our dental implants FAQs

Dental implants in Maidstone has managed to continue to provide some of the most advanced restorative dentistry, despite the challenges of doing business in this precarious time. We have done our utmost to meet the expectations of our patients, whilst observing all government guidelines surrounding social distancing.

The practice has always required the highest level of hygiene due to how advanced the procedure is compared to most treatments that would be carried out in our clinic. The techniques we use during dental implants in Maidstone actually go beyond the standard training of a registered dentist; our team have completed advanced training in implantation in order to be able to provide this service to our local community.

What exactly is a dental implant?

A dental compound is a complete artificial tooth; the titanium implants we use are closely associated with the living bone of the jaw and acts as a root, upon which is installed a prosthetic tooth. On top of the titanium implant, we use a semi-permanent unlocking mechanism called a connector. This firmly holds the prosthetic tooth in place but can be unlocked again if needed, creating two big advantages. One is that the titanium implant can be placed into the jaw without a prosthetic tooth to extend into the mouth, giving time for the oral implant to become fixed into the jaw without having to undergo the daily strain of talking and eating, which may cause it to dislodge or twist in place.

The second is that in the event the prosthetic becomes damaged, it can be removed without having to perform an extraction on the titanium implant. This makes any future dental work with an implant far easier and less invasive.

Is it uncomfortable to get dental implants?

The inserting of the titanium implant into the jaw is a fairly dramatic process involving cutting and holding the gum open. If there is not an available socket, a new one is drilled into the jawbone, although this is done with local anaesthetic eliminating any immediate discomfort the sensation can still be disconcerting. If you do have any concerns, other sedatives can be administered along with local anaesthetic to help you stay relaxed during the procedure but you will remain conscious at all times.

After the gum is closed and sutured, you should expect it to be tender for several weeks but as there is no tooth being actively used for eating and assuming you have other healthy teeth in your mouth, you should not find this a major disruption to your everyday life.

Are there any teeth that cannot be replaced by dental implants?

Dental implants in Maidstone are considered effective at replacing any individual tooth. In fact a set of five implants can be used to immobilise an entire denture and a pair can be used to anchor a bridge of up to four teeth.

If you have any further queries about our implantation procedure or are curious about your personal suitability please feel free to get in contact with the clinic, either by email or over the phone.