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Replacing a missing tooth in 2018

Have you been putting off replacing a missing tooth? The longer a vacant gap in your mouth is left, the more prone you are to a number of complex health risks that stretch beyond your dental health.

The impact on your jawbone

Many people do not realise how your teeth and your jawbone have a special connection – they are both responsible for maintaining each other in turn. When you use your teeth to chew, you are stimulating your jawbone, which then receives the support it needs. However, when you have a single missing tooth or indeed several missing teeth, you’re the alveolar bone (the part of the jawbone that connects the teeth in the mouth), does not receive the stimulation it needs and resorption occurs. Tackling this issue as soon as possible is particularly important as a huge amount of jawbone loss occurs within the first year that the tooth/teeth are lost. It then resorbs by around 4 millimetres in height year upon year following this.

But how does this affect my health and life?

  • Vacant gaps in your mouth put you at greater risk of developing gum disease and build up of harmful bacteria, as these gaps provide the perfect area for the bacteria to breed and food particles to become stuck.

  • Missing teeth will also affect the aesthetics of your face. Factors that can change are additional wrinkles around your mouth as a result of bite collapse and excess skin around the area where this has occurred, lips becoming thinner, changes to the angle of your jawline and a protruding chin.

  • As a result of the aesthetic changes to your face, your whole appearance can change and you can seem older than your years, greatly affecting your confidence and emotional wellbeing.

  • Furthermore your ability to break foods down can become impaired and as you can imagine, this is worse the more teeth you have missing.

These complications can be avoided by seeking treatment for a missing tooth as soon as possible. This is one of the best investments you can make, not only in terms of your health but your confidence and happiness also.

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