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Restore your missing teeth and regain your confidence

One of the most notable consequences of a missing tooth is the issue of jawbone loss and resorption – read on to find out more about how important it is to replace missing teeth ASAP and what the consequences are if they go untreated.

Consequences of resorption: trouble eating and speaking  

Resorption initially affects the toothless area of the face but this will eventually spread to other areas of the jawbone.

Change to facial structure

In combination with the weathering of the jaw, losing teeth will lead to sunken-in cheeks and unwanted nuances to other areas of your face, such as thin lips and changes to how your chin appears. After a period of 15-20 years, bone loss advances at a faster rate which causes loss of definition to the jaw, making individuals appear older than their years. This can however, be avoided with dental implants.

Dental implants for tackling dental resorption

Dental implants are considered to be the next best thing to real teeth. They fuse with your jawbone to become a natural part of your body, tackling the issues of resorption. The implant (tiny metal posts inserted into the jawbone), and the tissue around this area can grow around the implant, strengthening the jaw and keeping your new tooth stable.

The aesthetic consequences of a missing teeth can take their toll on your confidence

After a tooth is lost, after the first year 25% of the bone in your jaw is lost and this continues at a rate of about 4mm each year.

Other causes of bone loss:

  • Misaligned teeth – misaligned teeth can impair chewing ability, which in turn causes loss of the vital stimulus to the bone.

  • Bone can be lost through infection that damages the bone.

  • Tumours in the face can warrant the need to remove some of the jawbone.

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