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Self Healing

So much in the world of dentistry involves using materials foreign to the body such as composite resin or porcelain; these work well but they are fundamentally different than natural tooth.

When we replace a lost tooth with an implant, we place the implant in the jaw bone. This heals and secures the implant in situ.

We then place a crown or bridge on top of the

implant to recreate the original tooth or teeth.

What happens if you don’t have enough bone?

In the past we used specially treated animal bone to build up new bone for the implant, but there can be some problems in healing and it’s not you.

Now we can take a small amount of blood and centrifuge this to extract the red and white blood cells.

We are left with plasma – a clear liquid which we treat with calcium to produce a gel that is placed next to the bone at the same time we place the implant. The gel will, in time, turn into more bone to reinforce the fixing of the artificial tooth.

So we are using you to heal you – much more satisfactory!

Implant therapy can be considered for all who are missing a tooth or teeth – they are a modern way to avoid dentures and bridges.

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