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Should you get Invisalign in Maidstone?

There are many different ways in which you can straighten your teeth these days, so how do you know that using Invisalign in Maidstone is the right option for you?

First and foremost, we recommend that you speak with one of our friendly and experienced professionals about your smile goals and your lifestyle choices, so that we can ensure that expected results can be achieved in the best possible way for you.

There are so many different teeth straightening devices available these days and many of them have been streamlined and created with a particular patient in mind. Some people have mild to moderate cosmetic misalignments and do not benefit from some of the more advanced features that traditional braces still offer.

Other people may have severe and complex cases and would therefore generally be encouraged to use specific, fixed devices that give our dentists more control over the movement and manipulation of their teeth and jaw bone.

Only after a consultation, where we take a look at the position of your teeth and jaw, are we able to discern the type of misalignment you may have and thus suggest different solutions that will be the best for you.

We combine your physical needs with other factors, such as your budget, timeframe expectations and lifestyle choices to make your teeth straightening journey as positive an experience as possible. This ensures full compliance and confidence as well as an increased heightened number of individuals who decide to straighten their teeth, which means they can benefit from a healthier smile, something we all want to see happen.

How does this treatment differ to other, traditional options?

Invisalign in Maidstone works by pushing teeth into alignment as you wear a clear, plastic tray over your teeth. You change this tray every couple of weeks to a new shape and gradually, over the course of several months, your teeth are adjusted into their correct position.

This differs from fixed braces which pull teeth into alignment using wires that are tightened onto brackets attached to your teeth. Both devices have their advantages and disadvantages and it is down to the individual as to what option is the best for them.

How can you tell?

It is best to speak with a dentist, but there are some aspects of the Invisalign in Maidstone treatment that appeals to some and makes it an obvious choice.

Many people appreciate this discrete method of teeth straightening. The plastic aligners are near invisible and can be worn by teenagers and working adults alike and not be obvious, giving people confidence to carry on their daily activities.

Because the aligners are removable, they are also convenient, meaning that people don’t need to adjust their lifestyle to suit the demands of the treatment. Furthermore, because a lot of the treatment is self-explanatory and self-operating, there is less time needed in our dental practice, great for those who find it difficult finding the time to come in for adjustments or checkups.

If you think this treatment might be advantageous to your situation, let’s have a chat about how we can improve the appearance and health of your smile, today!