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Starting the New Year with a Fresh Smile!

Many of us use the advent of a New Year to make some decisions and promises to ourselves!

It’s a good time to reflect on where we are at this moment and equally where we would like to be.

A new smile can be rejuvenating, making us appear younger, healthier and less tired.

Many of our patients come to us to discuss what can be achieved in gaining a Fresh New Smile, having maybe tolerated gaps, discomfort, discoloured or misaligned teeth, often for some considerable time.

At Fresh Dental Care, we take time to discuss a wide variety of treatment options, often blending several therapies to design a bespoke solution for our individual patient’s personal situations.

Often this begins with a free no obligation initial consultation with Julie, our Treatment Coordinator.

Julie is also an experienced registered Dental Nurse and would be able to listen to concerns and problems and then discuss broadly the options suitable to achieve your desired outcome.

The next step in the journey would be to visit Dr Marcus Spry BDS, our dentist, for more detailed treatment planning and quotes.

Book your free initial consult by calling 01622 761067 or contacting us via our website.

It could mean a Fresh new you for 2014!

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